Please send these documents to the school as soon as possible, so that your passport can be stamped in order for you to enter st. Kitts as a Universal Caribbean University student.
Note: please include a copy of this Document checklist by putting an ‘X’ on the documents you are sending to the address below.
Send to this address:
Universal Caribbean university
C.a Paul southwell industrial park, 
Caraibes plaza unit # B2 Bird rock,
St. Kitts KN0101
All documents have to be originals.
1. completed application form
2. birth certificate
3. passport
4. 1 passport size color photograph
5. Police record from where the applicant resided for the past 6 months
6. Bank statement (if the student is self-pay)
7. Notarized letter of sponsorship
8. Immunization records (3 doses hepatitis,2 doses MMR, polio)
9. Titers (if positive for Rubella)
10. VDRL/RPR (valid for 6 months)
11. Mantoux test (valid for 6 months)
12. X-ray of chest (if positive for TB)
13. Enrollment letter from school administrative office
14. Evidence of copy of return to country of residence.
15. VISA Application fee of EC $400.00 or USD $150.00 .
Countries that need Visas to Travel to St. Kitts and Nevis please click the link below.