UCU Department of Educational Affairs:

  1. The Department of Educational Affairs will support students, faculty, and administrators in their academic endeavors at UCU to provide academic development and support services.

  2. Department of Educational Affairs will continually evaluate the needs of the University and work to develop initiatives to address those needs. We will welcome input from students and faculty.

  3. The Department will offer course material review sessions, testing, and study skills programs in collaboration with other departments and programs.
    Besides regular classroom teachings & labs, emphasis will be given for overall learning experience of students for critical thinking, analysis of data and to promote lifelong self-learning.

UCU Academic Excellence Program:

  1. Academic excellence Program will be created for Students who are out of school for an extended period of time & low GPA.

  2. Academic excellence Program include review group sessions, personal advising, and access to other programs as needed.

  3. Every student will have the opportunity to take advantage of this program to further help our endeavor to make them succeed.

  4. Group Review Sessions.

  5. Group Review Sessions and individual tutor sessions will be provided for all students. As outlined above, attendance at Group Review Sessions is mandatory for all students.

Learning Skills:
All students will have the opportunity to be effective learners.
The following methods will be implemented:

  1. Develop new study skills and techniques.

  2. Learning memory techniques.

  3. Time management.

  4. Test-taking strategies for multiple choice questions (MCQ's)


  1. Tutors will be appointed to students on an “as needed” basis by the Department of Educational Affairs.

  2. Department of Educational Affairs will recruits and selects group review session tutors from among students beyond the first Semester. All applicants for these positions must have completed the course at UCU with an A or B grade, and have a good overall GPA.