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Study Medicine Abroad in St. Kitts

With the population increasing rapidly, the need for physicians and doctors grows daily. People who want to be doctors are more in numbers than the number of seats offered in one year. Therefore many people choose to opt for schools outside of their home countries to make their dreams come true.

Studying Medicine in the Caribbean

Medical schools in Europe, Australia, Canada and the US make the list of most aimed for schools among eager candidates. But the intense application process, eligibility requirements and the mounting cost of education has students rethink their application.

As alternatives medical schools in the Caribbean have become popular choices for many students around the world. Caribbean schools with more favorable eligibility criteria, reasonable tuition expenses, clinical rotations in the US and an inviting tropical climate attracts noteworthy attraction from students all around the world.

These Caribbean medical schools design their programs with international students in mind, and teach the curriculum in English. They offer clinical rotations outside of the Caribbean, with affiliations in many international teaching hospitals. This exposure gives the students an advantage when applying for residency programs in those countries.

Why Study in St. Kitts?

St. Kitts or Saint Christopher Island, of St. Kitts and Nevis is a small country of two islands. Set in the Caribbean Sea, St. Kitts has a hidden rich history and culture, attracting many tourists. Having a combined literacy rate of 98% (approx.) and growing,

the Island is not only a tourist spot but a place of learning and growth. With a focus on education, St. Kitts offers great Island life for international students to delve into and learn.

Like other countries in the Caribbean, St. Kitts is home to multiple schools of health and veterinary sciences. These schools offer programs which provide quality education and practice opportunities with international exposure.

Universal Caribbean University School of Medicine

UCU (Universal Caribbean University) School of Medicine is a new university established in 2017; aiming to provide an unmatched learning experience in the Caribbean. Believing in the

accessibility of good quality education for all, UCU School of Medicine offers multiple programs for Caribbean as well as international students.

UCU School of medicine offers a regular 4 year and a 5 year program combined with pre-med subjects for students who don’t have relevant pre-requisites for an MD. The 3rd and 4th year of the program have clinical rounds which are taught in affiliated teaching hospitals in the US.

What makes these programs even more appealing is that the fee structure won’t break your bank. Compared to the US where students accumulate a six figure loan, UCU School of medicine offers feasible tuition fee lessening students’ debt after graduation.

When a student opts to study at UCU School of Medicine they will be studying a competitive MD program on a tropical island, with clinical training from reputable teaching hospitals in the US, UK and other countries. And they achieve their dream of being an MD with advantageous prospects in residency applications anywhere in the world, without piling up tremendous amount of debt.